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Get the Peace of Mind That Comes With Great Dog Boarding

When you must go away, choosing someone to care for your dog can be stressful. You want to know that your pet is safe, well taken care of and happy. At Lucky Dog Pet Lodge in Bloomington, we understand how owners feel. That’s why we take dog boarding so seriously. Our experienced staff provides the best possible care for dogs while their owners are away.

Dogs stay overnight in comfortable XL crates or larger suites. Pets from the same family are welcome to share suites. Need more space? We also offer an 8’ by 10’ VIP suite so your pups can have all the space they need. And unlike other pet lodges, our boarding rates include nine hours of daycare play at no additional cost.

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Day in the Life of a Lucky Dog

Wondering what your dog will be doing while you are away? Here’s a day in the life of a dog being boarded at Lucky Dog Pet Lodge:


A day in the life of a dog at Lucky Dog Pet Lodge starts early. Our experienced staff arrives and lets out all the dogs. We let the dogs out to go potty, and then give them plenty of time to eat breakfast comfortably in their suites.


Dogs are brought onto the daycare floor to play with their friends—and get lots of love and attention from our caring staff. When the weather allows, dogs run outside, soak up the sun, splash in pools or do whatever they’d like in our huge outdoor play area. Did you know it’s the largest in the Twin Cities? It’s also covered in specially designed K9Grass that’s nontoxic and anti-microbial.

Of course, your dog will have unlimited access to fresh water, potty yards and comfortable beds to lie on all day. Indoor and outdoor play spaces are also supervised by our experienced staff members. And you can watch your dog play on our live webcams.


Boarding dogs are brought back to their suites, where they relax until dinnertime.


Dinner is served at about this time, and dogs are given plenty of time to eat and rest before being turned out again.


After eating and resting, dogs are let out one more time for a potty break before returning to their rooms for a good night’s sleep

Every dog’s stay can also be customized for naps, lunches, baths, treats, nail trims or whatever you would like to ensure your Lucky Dog goes home happy and healthy.

Boarding Rates

PLEASE NOTE: The pricing below reflects an increase that will take affect July 1, 2024

Unlike other pet lodges, our boarding rates include 9 hours of daycare play at no additional cost.

*The pictures show Greta a 55 lb Shepard mix, and Bruno an 85 lb Rottie mix, for size reference.

1. Our checkout time is 1PM, so if pick up is after 1pm, your pup can stay the rest of the day
until close for just an additional $24 half day daycare fee.

2. If you’re planning a one night stay for your pup, there is a $10 fee in addition to the normal boarding rate.

XL Dog Boarding Crate

XL Crate
$56 per night

4X6 Dog Boarding Suite

4 x 6 Suite
$59 per night


4 x 8 Suite
$59 per night

Need more space?

Our VIP suite is an 8′ x 10′ private room so your pups can have all the space they need.

VIP Dog Boarding Suite

$69 per night (first dog)
$59 per night for each additional dog

Additional Discounts Available:

Some discounts may apply for multiple dogs from the same household and stays for 4 or more nights.

4–9 Nights: $2 off/night
10+ Nights: $3 off/night

We also have a discount for new members.

Dog Boarding Tips

Overnight Boarding Tips

  • We encourage pet parents to bring items such as bedding and toys from home to help their dogs feel happy and relaxed during their stay. However, for their safety, we do request that bones & rawhides be left at home.
  • To ensure accurate feeding, please pre-measure your dog’s meals into individual servings.
  • If this is your dog’s first stay with us, please drop off no later than 6 p.m. to allow for evaluation.
  • For returning guests, please drop off no later than 6:30 p.m.

Talk With Us About Boarding Your Dog

To talk with our experienced team about your dog boarding needs, call Lucky Dog Pet Lodge in Bloomington at 952-767-2040. You’ll get answers to your questions and can arrange a tour of our facility or make a reservation.

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