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Dogs and humans are more alike than most people tend to believe.  While both dogs and humans can get cold and even get the flu, did you know that dogs can get allergies as well? The symptoms can be very similar as well, depending on what kind on allergy it is. Dogs can have seasonal allergies, food allergies and even skin allergies. Let’s go over what to look out for to know if you pup is struggling with allergies.

Food Allergies

Dogs can suffer from food allergies, especially if you have recently changed their regular food or introduced them to a new treat or new human food. Some things to look out for are upset stomach (chomping on grass), throwing up, lethargic and not wanting to eat or drink water. If you have recently started your dog on new food, compare the ingredients to see if there are any that were not in the previous food. You would be surprised how many dogs that have a food allergy linked to corn and grain. Call your vet as soon as possible and let them know what changes you have made, the symptoms and ask what for the next steps.

Seasonal Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from allergies links to pollen and other seasonal culprits. They even display the same symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny eyes and itchy skin. Never give your dog human allergy medicine, and always consult your vet on the best way to treat these allergies. Sometimes it can be as easy as adding fish oil to their food to help with skin itching, or some drops in their eyes to protect them from pollen.

Skin Allergies

Although sometimes confused with seasonal allergies, dogs can suffer from skin allergies just like humans. Sometimes this is caused by season changes, and other times it can be caused by their shed calendar. Sometimes it is a bit more serious and will require vet prescribed medication to get your dog comfortable again. Symptoms to look for would be itching, biting and nibbling at fur and skin and jumpy skin which is similar to goose bumps that humans get. Also look for patches of missing patches of fur, a reddening of exposed skin and any clumps of wet fur where your dog may have been nibbling. Skin allergies can be very uncomfortable, so be sure to get your in to your vet right away to get them the relief they deserve.

Once again, it has been proven that our dogs can experience some of the same things that humans can, even if it’s not the most comfortable experience. Keeping an eye on your dog and their behavior will get you the upper hand in know when your dog is in discomfort. Get your furry friend in to see your vet right away to get them feeling better as soon as possible. They will thank you for it!

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