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Doggy daycare, much like daycare for children, is a place to send your four-legged family members when you are away at work and can’t look after them yourself.

It’s a place where they can have fun running around and socializing with other dogs, instead of being suck home alone or in their kennel all day. Also, much like daycare for children, there are a few different types of doggy daycares.

There are in-home dog sitters, private dog care, doggy daycare facilities, and also dog walkers. Below we’ll discuss the different types in more detail to help you decide what type of doggy daycare is right for your dog.

Types Of Dog Day Care

If you are considering enrolling your pooch in doggy daycare or hiring someone to look after your dog when you can’t, it’s important to do your research to make sure you find the right kind of care for your pup. There are a few different basic types of care you can choose for your dog.

  1. In-home pet sitter. An in-home pet sitter is someone that comes to your home at specified times to entertain and care for your dog while you are away. Hiring an in-home pet sitter is a great option if you think your dog would do best in his or her own environment. Sometimes other people’s homes and dogs can cause your dog stress. This would allow your dog to get some exercise and attention in the comfort of your own home during day. However, an in-home sitter does need access to your house, so you’ll want to make sure you hire someone you can trust.
  2. Private Doggy Daycare. Private dog care is usually run out of someone else’s home by someone providing care for a handful of other dogs as well as maybe their own. Private care allows your dog the ability to socialize with a few other dogs in a smaller setting. However, these can be harder to come by due to limited space as they can only accommodate a few dogs at a time.
  3. Doggy Daycare Facilities. These are typically larger facilities with a lot of space and staff to hand many dogs on any given day. They are often large enough to separate dogs out by size, have both spacious indoor and outdoor play areas and can provide hours of exercise and socialization for your dog. Because they deal with many dogs at once, you can expect to find rules and requirement about vaccines and behavior. Be sure to check with each facility to find out what their specific requirements are.
  4. Dog Walker. Another type of care you get for your dog is to hire a dog walker, or someone who will take your dog for a walk at least one time during the day when you can’t. There are individuals as well as companies that provide this service.

Keep Your Dog Happy at Our Bloomington Doggy Daycare

If you’re thinking about doggy daycare, there are many reasons to choose Lucky Dog Pet Lodge. We have a convenient location just off 494 in Bloomington, MN and can provide hours of entertainment and socialization for your lonely or anxious dog. You don’t have to worry about not getting home in time to let your dog out. Our Bloomington doggy daycare is fully staffed by experienced dog lovers who make sure your dog’s needs are always met and we have the largest outdoor play area in the Twin Cities. To learn more about our doggy daycare or to schedule a tour of our doggy daycare facility call (952) 767-2040 or drop us a message online.

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