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It’s no secret that we love dogs! We want to help dogs and dog parents live their best lives together. That’s why we had our expert staff put together these top dog training tips to help you train your dog so they can be the best boy or girl they were meant to be!

Here are our top 6 dog training tips from our expert staff and how to apply them.

6 Top Training Tips

  1. Understand Your Dog’s Communication
    First, understand and learn your dog’s communication style. Just like humans, each dog has a unique personality. You’ll learn your dog’s body language, bark signals, and energy levels. Knowing this about your dog will help you with creating your training plan.
  2. Be Consistent
    Once you choose your training plan, make sure that you, and your family, are consistent! That means making sure everyone in your household is on the same page for your dog’s training schedule and commands. If the command for your dog to go to his kennel is “Place,” then you need to make sure that is what each person is using for that command. Consistency is key!
  3. Reinforce Good Behavior
    Sometimes we are working so hard on correcting bad behaviors that we forget to reinforce good behavior! Especially at the beginning of your training, give your pup lots of rewards for following a command right away, or displaying good behavior. This doesn’t always mean a treat. Give your dog a nice ear scratch (or whatever it is that he likes) and tell him he’s a good boy!
  4. Incremental Training
    Your training plan should be in short increments multiple times a day in the beginning. Think 15-minutes of training on a particular command two or three times a day. Unfortunately, long-term training on one command sometimes leads to frustration and confusion for you and your dog!
  5. Be Patient
    Yes, some dogs may train faster than others. The speed of their training depends on your training style, his breed, and his personality. What worked perfectly with one dog might not work so well with another dog. Remember that your dog loves you unconditionally and wants to make you happy. If you’re feeling frustrated, it’s okay to take a break from training.
  6. Professional Training
    Professional group or individual training might be exactly what you need! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated training your dog, professional training can make all the difference. Sometimes humans need professional guidance more than the dog!

Lucky Dog Pet Lodge Can Help

At Lucky Dog Pet Lodge, we help reinforce good behavior throughout the day your dog is with us. Our staff can help you understand your dog’s communication style. We get to spend the day with your dog, so we learn your dog’s communication too!

Schedule a tour to see the facility and meet some of the staff. Check out our reviews on Facebook and see why dog parents trust us.

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