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As the temperature drops and the days grow short, it’s tough to feel motivated to go outside for your dog’s daily walk. It’s so cozy to snuggle up on the couch with your pup and watch the latest Netflix show. However, your dog (and you!) still needs daily exercise with or without the cold, dark days.

They’re predicting a very cold and snowy winter this year. Prepare by learning how to protect your pup from cold weather and what to do if it’s really just too frigid to take him outside. We share our best tips for keeping your dog active and healthy this winter.

5 Tips for Exercising Your Dog in Winter

Dogs need exercise just like humans do! Your dog should get around 60 minutes to up two hours of active exercise a day to stay healthy. While your dog’s breed, age, and overall activity level depend on much he needs, makes sure your dog is getting daily exercise through a walk, playtime, or running with him.

A lack of exercise leads to your dog feeling stressed, anxious, and getting into trouble at home. Help him get the exercise he needs with these five tips.

1. Bundle Him Up

Your dog’s fur coat keeps him pretty warm in colder temperatures. He can benefit from wearing a jacket or vest to keep his core warm, especially when the temperature dips below freezing. If your dog is a senior, puppy, or small, he will likely need that extra layer of protection to feel comfortable.

2. Cover His Paws

Protect those feet! You can’t blame your dog for not wanting to walk on ice or freezing pavement. You can get dog boots to protect his paws from hurting in the extreme cold. Covering his feet protects him from other winter irritations like ice melt. Ice melting products that people use on their driveway or sidewalk can irritate your dog’s paws.

3. Watch for Signs He’s Too Cold

Watch your dog for any signs he’s under distress outside. Watch for shivering, picking up his feet, or trying really hard to go back towards the house. If it’s just too cold, you’ll have to bring the exercise indoors.

4. Create Indoor Games

You can create some fun indoor games for your dog, so he stays active. Play hide and seek with a treat, play fetch, or use an interactive toy to get him moving and grooving. As long as your pup is getting some exercise, the better he’ll feel.

5. Enroll Your Dog in Daycare

If you send your dog to daycare, you know he’s getting the exercise and socialization he needs to stay healthy and active this winter. Look for a daycare with a large indoor arena for the dogs to be able to run around.

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