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You’re about to bring your new bundle of joy home to join your family. Whether you just brought your new puppy home, or you’re preparing for his arrival, learn our top puppy tips, so that you’re ready to care for your new family member.

Prepare for your new puppy by preparing your home, learn what to expect on that first day, puppy training tips, and how to help your puppy’s health care start off on the right paw.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Make sure your home is ready for a small, rambunctious puppy to be running around! Prepare your home as though you were preparing for a human toddler. Put up baby gates where it’s necessary to keep the puppy out of certain rooms or from going up or down the stairs.

Puppy proof your home as much you can and observe your puppy when he first arrives to make any adjustments. Make sure cords are up and put away, any human food is up and off the floor, and any other hazards are put away.

What to Expect Bringing Your Puppy Home

Try only to have immediate family members at your home, so you don’t overwhelm him with friendly people reaching for him. Let your puppy explore his new home while you observe nearby. Have someone watch the puppy and make sure he doesn’t get into anything he’s not supposed to.

It’s very tempting, but as he’s exploring, don’t grab him or pick him up. Let him sniff and wander through the whole house so he can feel comfortable.

Remember to take your puppy outside to go potty about every 30 minutes and encourage him to go. If he goes, reward him with lots of praise and treats.

Puppy Training Guide 101

Your puppy’s training starts on day one! The most important part of training to begin with on day one is creating a routine for your puppy. Dogs thrive on a routine and can follow the rules you set for them much easier.

It’s also important to have consistent, set commands for him that everyone in your household is following. Create a training plan and stick to it! Read more about dog training tips here.

Finally, have patience with your pup. As we said earlier, think of him as a toddler! He’s full of energy and love but needs your loving patience as he learns the ropes.

Puppy Health

Most veterinarians recommend you bring your puppy in for his first visit within a week or so of bringing him home. Bring him in soon to make sure he has all vaccinations, and so your vet can perform an overall wellness exam. This health exam sets the foundation for your puppy’s health, and while you’re there, you can discuss any health concerns specific to your puppy’s breeds.

Dog Daycare for Your Pup

We encourage you to visit our boarding page to learn more about our boarding options. Schedule a tour to see the facility and meet some of the staff. Check out our reviews on Facebook and see why dog parents trust us.

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