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You love your dog. You take great care of him, and it shows! He’s more than a pet; he’s part of your family. You’re already a great dog parent, but we want to share why doggie daycare makes you an even better dog parent.

Learn more about some of the benefits of doggie daycare and how it helps you be an even better dog parent.

How Doggie Daycare Makes You a Better Dog Parent

Doggie daycare helps your dog become healthier, more social, and helps both you and your dog feel happier. 

Your Dog is Healthier
At daycare, your dog runs and plays throughout the day while you’re busy at work! Dogs need at least 60-minutes to a full two hours of exercise (if not more, depending on his breed) a day. While most dog parents wish they could take their pups on hour-long walks, sometimes it’s just not possible! When you drop your pooch off at daycare, you know he’s going to get at least 60-minutes of running and playtime, if not more.

Prevention is key when it comes to your dog’s health! Your pooch is spending his day among dog-lovers who will get to know and love on your pup. The staff becomes part of your family and will note any changes in your pup’s behavior or health right away.

Your Dog Gets to Socialize
Dogs are social creatures, and they need playtime with their furry friends! When life gets busy, it’s hard to schedule puppy play dates or take your pup to the dog park multiple times a week. By taking your dog to daycare, they get to socialize most of the day! Don’t worry; your pup will get play breaks during the day if needed.

You and Your Dog are Happier
Doggie daycare helps you feel happier because you know your dog is having a great time while he’s there and receiving great health benefits. You also don’t have to worry about him sitting at home when you have a long day at the office.

Healthy and social dogs tend to be happier! Because they’re running around with their friends, they are getting the exercise they need to feel great. You can trust that they’re safe and having fun with their pals at doggie daycare throughout the day.

Your dog is already happy and well-loved by you, but by spending time at daycare throughout the week, they get mental and emotional health benefits that lead to happier dogs.

Want to Visit Our Doggie Daycare?

Come check us out! We’d love to show you our daycare and see if we’re the right fit for your family.  Interested in seeing our doggie daycare and if your dog will enjoy his time with us? We welcome you to schedule a tour of our facility.

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