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Whether you just learned about doggie daycare, or have been thinking about it for a while, you may be wondering if your dog is ready to start attending daycare. Below, we have five questions that you can ask yourself to feel out if your dog might be ready for daycare.

You know your dog best! Take a few minutes to go through these questions and if you’re ready, book a tour with us to see if we’re a good fit.

5 Questions to See If Your Dog is Ready for Doggie Daycare

Take this five-question quiz and see if your dog is ready for doggie daycare. Each question has some follow up questions and explanations to help you answer.

If you answer yesto more than two of these, then your dog might be ready!

1. Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety?
Does your dog act sad or stressed when you’re getting ready to leave in the morning? Do you have to worry about your dog exhibiting destructive behavior when left alone for an extended period? Dogs that have separation anxiety tend to do well in daycare because they’re distracted and cared for all day long

Yes or No

2. Does Your Dog Have Tons of Energy?
Is your pup energetic and loves to play all day? Having an energetic dog is wonderful and can even help you become a more active person. However, if his high energy is becoming a problem because you can’t keep up; then doggie daycare is a great option to help them get the wiggles out during the day!

Yes or No

3. Does Your Dog Love to Go to the Park?
Does your pup get super excited when he realizes he’s going to the dog park? When you’re there, does he race around and have a blast running around in a new pack of friends? If your dog really loves going to the dog park, and you wish you could take them more; then doggie daycare is an excellent option for him. It’s like going to the dog park all day long!

Yes or No

4. Does Your Dog Enjoy Playing with Other Dogs?
Does your pup love playing with other dogs? If your dog likes to play and run with other dogs you know he’s a social pup and craves doggie playtime. Bringing your pooch to daycare gives them an opportunity to play with his friends all day.

Yes or No

5. Do You Feel Guilty Being Away from Your Dog?
Many dog owners express that they wish they could spend more time with their dogs. Or, they feel guilty when they have a long day, and their beloved pup is home alone. Doggie Daycare is an excellent option for busy dog owners to know their pup had a great day of play while they were busy at work.

Yes or No

Is Your Dog Ready for Doggie Daycare?

If you went through this and answered yes to more than two, then your dog might be ready for doggie daycare! We’d love for you to schedule a tour of our facility and check us out.

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