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Helping your dog get ready for his first boarding experience may feel like you’re sending him to summer camp. You want to pack him things that he’ll need and want while also making sure he’s prepared to have a great time with his friends.

We always recommend that you tour the facility ahead of time and ask any and all questions you might have before dropping him off for the first time. Take a look at the available crates and suites where your dog will be staying overnight. If your dog has any specific needs that haven’t already been discussed, make sure they are addressed before drop off so your dog is fully prepared for their first boarding experience.

We offer some tips and tricks to make sure your dog has a great first boarding experience so he’s comfortable and ready to have fun.

Packing Your Dog for an Overnight

Your dog will possibly be in a brand new place, and maybe this is the first time you’ve been apart for the night! He’ll have a blast boarding in his doggie suite, but make sure you pack everything he needs along with some items he’ll want to be comfortable.

Your Dog’s Needs

Make sure to pack what he needs for the overnight and include any directions the staff may need. If you have any questions on which treats the facility uses, be sure to ask ahead of time!

  • Food – packed in individual portions (sandwich baggies work well)
  • Medications – along with any directions

Your Dog’s Wants

Make your pet comfortable by packing a few things he loves so he feels happy and ready to play.

  • Toy – pack his favorite toy he can keep in his kennel
  • Bedding – bring his favorite blanket so he sleeps comfortably

The facility will have everything else he needs to have a great time.

Day of Drop Off

When you drop off your dog for the first time, we recommend giving yourself a few extra minutes after check-in. Most dogs are just fine, but it’s good to make sure you have some time in case your dog needs a minute or two to adjust and so you can say goodbye!

You or the staff might have a few questions before the first night, which may need to be answered; you’ll want to leave a few minutes for that.

You know you can trust the team at the facility and that your beloved pet is in good hands. Your pooch is ready to play with his friends and sleep comfortably in the kennel.

First Boarding Tips for the Humans

If this is the first time that you have dropped off your dog at daycare, we have a few tips for you! It’s completely normal to feel a little worried the first time, but after you see how much fun he had and how well he was taken care of, you’ll be happy you found him a great doggie hotel.

  1. Check in on the live webcam– if you choose a facility with a webcam then you can look in on your pup and see that he’s doing great
  2. Ask all your questions – don’t be hesitant to ask all the questions you have so that you feel comfortable and confident leaving your dog
  3. Have your emergency contacts set up – in case you’re off the grid or worry the staff won’t be able to reach you in an emergency; then, make sure to have your emergency contacts so someone can be reached in case of emergency

Your pup will have a great time during their first boarding experience, and if you use these tips to help you prepare then you’ll feel ready, too! If you need boarding for your dog, we welcome you to schedule a tour of our facility and see if we’re the right fit.

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