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If you’re going to be away for an extended period and need somewhere for your dog to stay, it can be tough to decide where! Should you find someone who will stay at your house? Perhaps investigate a pet boarding facility?

We highly recommend finding a boarding facility that you and your dog love. Learn the benefits of finding a boarding facility for your dog and know that your dog is well taken care of while you’re away.

Benefits of Boarding

  1. Expert and Professional Care
    When you board your dog in a dog-only facility, you can trust the staff is well-trained and equipped to take great care of dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. Quality boarding facilities have the dogs broken up into groups for optimal care and comfort. Simply put, the staff at a dog-only boarding facility love dogs and want the best for them!
  2. Canine-Centric Amenities
    Dogs need to be able to run and play! Find a facility that has large spaces for the dogs to run around, socialize, and have a blast. You’ll want your pooch to be comfortable while you’re away, so look for a boarding facility with different dog accommodations such as large crates to even his own suite.
  3. Budget
    It’s actually more cost-effective to board your dog than it is to find a dog sitter. Your boarding facility might offer a deal if your dog is enrolled in doggie daycare. With a boarding facility, you know exactly how much it will cost with no surprises.
  4. Specialized Attention
    The boarding facility where you leave your dog receives specialized attention. There is always a trained staff member with the dogs while they play to keep everyone safe and having fun. Plus, you can check in on your dog by watching a Live Webcam.
  5. Safety
    You can trust the staff to keep the dogs safe during play. The staff is aware of any medical attention needs your dog may have and will be able to handle any medical situation. You know in the unlikely event something does happen, they will contact you and follow the procedure you created with the staff.

Book a Tour of Lucky Dog Pet Lodge

We encourage you to visit our boarding page to learn more about our boarding options. Schedule a tour to see the facility and meet some of the staff. Check out our reviews on Facebook and see why dog parents trust us.

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