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Heading out of town and need care for your dog?  Choosing between finding a boarding facility or hiring a dog sitter is a tough decision. What you choose depends on which option is a better fit for your dog. You know your dog best.

Learn more about the difference between boarding and dog sitting and make the right choice for your pup! We offer quick tips to help you prepare for either option.

Boarding Your Dog

We offer some reasons to consider boarding your dog at a reputable facility along with a tip on how to prepare him for a great first boarding experience.

Routine – When you board your pup, you know that they will stick to a routine during their stay. Routines are comforting to dogs and make them feel safe.

Social Time – If your dog loves the dog park and playing with other dogs, then the boarding facility will feel like heaven to them. You know that they won’t be bored during their stay and are having lots of fun.

Professional Care – The staff at the boarding facility are trained and specialize in dog care. The staff can handle any emergencies that come up and will make sure your dog is safe.

Preparing to Board Your Dog

We recommend touring a boarding facility and finding one that is the perfect fit for you and your dog. Before booking his first stay, take some time to prepare your dog and help him have a great first visit to a boarding facility.

Quick Tips:

  • Ask any questions ahead of time
  • Pack his favorite toy
  • Pack his food and treats

He’ll have a great time playing with his friends, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing you picked the right boarding facility.

Dog Sitting

Why should you consider dog sitting for your pup? If your dog prefers solitude and enjoys spending time at home, a dog sitter might be the better option.

Individual Care – If your dog feels stress around other dogs, or prefers being the only dog around, then a dog sitter can provide personalized care to your dog.

Home Comforts – Some dogs are just more comfortable at home. Whether the dog sitter stays at your house or your pup spends time at the sitter’s house, he might feel more relaxed in a home setting.

Multiple Pets – Another piece to consider is if you have multiple pets. If you have more than one dog or have a mix of dogs, cats, and anything else, then a pet sitter might be able to take care of all your pets while you’re away.

Hiring a Dog Sitter

Find a dog sitter you trust and is reliable. Always ask for references and experience dog sitting. After you find the right person, have him, or her come over and meet your dog a few times before you leave for an extended period.

Book a Tour of Lucky Dog Pet Lodge

We encourage you to visit our boarding page to learn more about our boarding options. Schedule a tour to see the facility and meet some of the staff. Check out our reviews on Facebook and see why dog parents trust us.

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