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There are several different options of digital nannies for your dog, and they all share the common groundwork. A camera is installed in your home at your dog’s height, and from there an app on your phone allows you to see your dog, and some cases, talk to your dog and give them treats. But is this the best daycare for your dog?

This would depend on your dog and their temperament. Dropping your dog off at daycare can be a rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Your dog gets to play with other dogs all day and get their energy out, and you can rest easy knowing your dog is well taken care of by staff. Sometimes this is not an option for dog owners for various reasons such as a shy dog, a dog with anxiety or a dog who just doesn’t like other dogs. A digital nanny could be a good alternative to be able to check up on your dog throughout the day.

If you are going to be gone for a long period of time, a digital nanny is not a good replacement for your absence. Hiring a dog walker to get your dog out of the house to break up the time would be a better option than a digital dog nanny. If you will be away overnight, it is recommended you hire a sitter, or find a good boarding facility instead of attempting to use the digital nanny.

Aside from the nanny part, these tech devices have some other uses that may come in handy while you are away from the house. If you are finding messes or things chewed up, it would come in handy to see who the culprit is and find out what is triggering this behavior. If you know your dog doesn’t like storms and you can’t be home during the storm, this would come in handy to be able to be there for your dog during the storm. If you hire sitters or dog walkers, this can come in handy for checking in to make sure that your dog is being taken care of correctly. Most good daycare and boarding facilities have this option as well.

Digital dog nannies could come in handy for quite a few things, but if your dog enjoys pup daycare, it’s always best to give them playtime with other dogs. If you are new to daycare for dogs, give your local pet lodge a call to set up a time to talk about options and get a tour of the facility. You may be surprised how much your dog really loves their time at daycare.

If you would like more information about signing your dog up for daycare or boarding, give Lucky Dog Pet Lodge a call and set up a tour.

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