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If this is your first experience with doggie daycare, you might not know what to ask during your initial tour. Below, we provide a list of questions you should ask during your tour or initial phone call to the facility. These questions will help you understand everything the facility offers and what a day would look like for your dog.

Need help determining if your dog is ready for doggie daycare? Check out our other blog post with questions to ask yourself to see if your dog is ready.

We do highly recommend performing an in-person tour of doggie daycare, if possible. It’s important to walk around, meet the staff, and see where your dog might be spending his time. Walking through the facility is great to get a feel for the place.

If you feel good about the doggie daycare, and you feel good about the answers to your questions, then you’ll feel completely confident sending your pooch!

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Doggy Daycare Tour Checklist 

  1. What are your vaccination requirements?
    This is a standard question for all doggie daycares and boarding facilities. Typically, DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella are required with proof.
  2. How do you determine if a dog is a good fit?
    Asking this question helps you understand how your dog will fit in and how the staff will help your dog feel comfortable.
  3. How are dogs separated into playgroups?
    Typically, dogs are separated by size and sometimes age. Occasionally, a dog’s personality might mean they’re put in a different playgroup. Such as a small dog who loves to run with the big boys.
  4. What type of training does your staff have?
    This will help you get a feel for how the staff works, and you’ll know what training they have to take care of dogs.
  5. What is the ratio of dog to staff?
    You can also ask how many dogs are typically in doggie daycare per day.
  6. What is the typical daily schedule for the dogs?
    Learn what the daily routine is for the dogs. Does it sound like a day your dog would enjoy?
  7. How does the indoor/outdoor access look like?
    Of course, ask to see the indoor and outdoor play areas during your tour! Will your pup love it?
  8. What’s the medical emergency procedure?
    Every situation is different, but you’re looking for their general outline. If your dog gets hurt, do you get called first? His vet?
  9. How will your staff handle misbehaving dogs?
    Learn more about how the staff disciplines dogs if they misbehave. Is there a separate area? Do they follow a certain discipline structure?
  10. How will I know how my dog is doing during the day?
    Make sure you’re comfortable with the overall communication of the daycare. Can you watch a live webcam? Does your dog get a report card?

Find Your Doggie Daycare

Ready to find the right doggie daycare for you and your dog? We’d love for you to schedule a tour of our facility and check us out.

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